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Joyce, it's Lisa from the cruise last October on Inspiration. If you are having
problems navigating around the ship, try this. Figure out from your cabin
how to get to where you want to go. Example: On the cruise we took
in October, my cabin was near the aft stairs, 4 flights or 2 decks and we
were at the buffet dining room, 2 flights or 1 deck and we were at our
formal dining room. If we wanted to go to the show lounge we would
go toward the front of the ship from our cabin and then go up 4 decks.
If we wanted the pool area, we would go to mid ship and then up the
required number of decks. The elevators have the decks labeled. Just
carry your map to refer to. Also, since this is your second time on the
ship, it will be easier. Have a great cruise.!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Sailing................Lisa
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