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Society is becoming more casual and I doubt that is going to change anytime soon.[/quote]

luv2cruise99: Couldn't agree with the above statement more!

I personally like dressy casual. I think it fits most people's life style...Formal is nice but can be a little stiff for our taste. This does not mean that we do not dress for our cruise formal nights...we do.

I bring two formal dresses. One dress is always basic black...a change of jewelry, several light scarves, a fancy beaded jacket and we're set. My husband is less picky ...he brings a black suit, a pair of informal dressy pants, and one sports jacket to mix and match with the pants, a couple ties and white shirts. The final count of what we bring depends on the lenght of the cruise of course.

We try to buy clothes that are wrinkle proof or wrinkle resistant and packable. We've never taken more than one suitcase each, and it all fits fine. If anything is wrinkled...again, its no big deal...we just have it pressed.

My husband wears jeans and boots to work everyday... I have to admit, it is nice to see him really dressed up fine!!!
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