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It just may be that RCCL shoots themselves in the foot with this.
I don't think I would want to " cruise " ( if it could be called that ) on a ship that big. As has been pointed out just getting on and off the thing would be a real trip in itself-- can you imagine how many pieces of luggage 5400 pax's would bring and then trying to pick out your own black samsonite from about 5000-6000 pieces or more in a crowded warehouse ?

You would have to make a Dr. appt. several days in advance, get reservations for a slot machine, etc.

Remember the term " road rage " ? I can foresee a new term and the head lines now---- " debarkation rage " " Police were called out in force to break up a riot at the RCCL " Monster of the Seas " ship this morning as irate passengers fought for their place in line to claim their luggage, go through customs and immigration and to try to make their flights on time.

To further complicate matters, police had to quell another riot that broke out amongst the 5400 people trying to get on the ship before the other 5400 were off."

RCCL issued a statement saying they were sorry for the inconvience and were working to make getting on and off easier !!

Naw, I don't think I want to try one that big. I'm happy on an old tub like the Zenith.
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