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Lynn: I feel for you and understand your pain right now. Anxiety attacks can come from out of nowhere, for no (apparent) reason, and without warning.

Here are some things to remember:

- No one EVER died of an anxiety attack. You might feel like it, but you won't die.

- Do not start now wondering, "What if this happens again?" "What if I freak out on the ship?" "What if? what if? what if?" It's a vicious cycle and you'll just work yourself up more. It might NEVER happen again - hold that thought!!

- As uncomfortable as it is when it's happening, try to focus on something completely unrelated. Look at the sky, the sea, the slats on the deck chair, the boards on the floor, anything - just stare at something.

- There are 4 great tools to help you get though this - and you WILL get through!

1. Face it. It WILL go away.
2. Accept it. You can't stop it, but it will go away.
3. Float. Sit down, do the random focusing on something else, take
some deep breaths.
4. Let time pass. When you're in the middle of one of these things,
a minute can seem like an hour.

So, Face, Accept, Float, Let time pass. Remember, above all, no one ever died due to an anxiety attack and it WILL pass - even though at the time you feel totally out of control (but you're not!)

Please keep us posted. I empathize with you - anxiety was a huge problem for me for years and I'm over it now, and you will be too.

Bon Voyage!
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