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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

"As for the balcony was very disturbing to us to go out on our aft balcony to find a cigarette butt on it. Obviously someone tossed it and it blew back onto our balcony. The balcony floors are wood. Does anyone know the DANGERS OF FIRE AT SEA? It is very scary!"

And I mentioned something about bringing a travel iron on a future cruise and was shot down because irons are a "fire hazard"...AND CIGARETTES AREN'T??? Smokers: You like to smoke, the residue of your bad habit is smoke in my bloodstream, lungs, heart, as well as my clothes, hair etc. I like to drink beer while playing in the casino. The residue of my habit is urine. How would you like me to climb up on your shoulders and pee on your head, how would you like that??

Oh, and the comment about obese people and buffets. My husband was overweight and has changed his unhealthy eating habits and has lost over 50 pounds, but he still has to eat. He cannot give up food because he would obviously die. However, you smokers do not have to smoke to live. There are numerous measures you can take to give up smoking for the benefit of all of us! Please think about it!!!

Now, I will get down off of my soap box!
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