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PARKING in NJ is a better alternative.
I saw nobody even mentioned this.. taking a ferry across the Hudson River from the parking area is a lot lower cost basis as well.

We do get a car..Limo.. sedan..etc.. to transport us to the Piers 80-90 and NYC Ship terminal on the Hudson River. Call various services prior asking prices for transport.

Even from the USMA in Westpoint, NY the cost of transport is lot lower than for the high parking fees (They have to be paid in CASH) up front for the PIER Parking...
For a day or two it would be cost advantageous. But a week ? No way.

Alone the George Washington Bridge, which by the way was never finished in building over $6.00 now... the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels too...

So figure your cost basis maybe even renting a vehicle and having it picked up there would be better...

Oh on Cellular Phones being outside near the street is best as inside most of the LandLine (payphones) are used by crew or non working...

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