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We took this tour 5 years ago. I guess since Mazatlan is not the most desirable destination, going to deer island is a nice break. I think my brochure described it a LOT differently than it really was. The tour was split into three parts. Kayaking, beach break with fruit (yum!) and the hike. I had never been kayaking before, and it was a lot of work, but fun. My DH still talks about how I just sat there and looked pretty while he did all the work. Yeah, I guess that is true.
The beach was ok, and the fruit was good. We went with friends, and they were afraid to touch any food made in Mexico, including bottles and cans, so they were nice and thirsty.
The hike was ok. It was REALLY hot in October and the hill was really steep, so make sure you have shoes, not flip-flops. The hill had a lot of dry Vegetation, and stickers. (for some reason I imagined there would be green grass, or trees and little streams) We live in the CA desert, and it really reminded me a lot of just hiking out at Joshua Tree National Park.

We didn't love the trip to Deer Island, so the next time we went to Mazatlan we chose to do something else. We ended up at a time share presentation. We had all the food we could eat and virgin Pina Coladas we could drink.(we don't drink alcohol, but they could have been the real thing if we did)
The time share was very nice, but we pretty much wasted the entire day. So out of 2 trips to Mazatlan, we still haven't fallen in love with the place.

Next time, we might just stay on the ship... nah, It has to have something good there. I'm sure of it, we just need to look harder.

BTW, our waiter suggested we go to the El Cid hotel and hang out at the pool there. We didn't but maybe we will next time.

Happy Sailing

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