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Default Tipping is a personal choice. Not a Country.

To tip or not to tip is the question actually...

Having good service which goes above and beyond the normal service(s) renedered and PAID already for is a reason for givving added revenues to the staff.

EG: Bus drivers (vans) in Las Vegas, Nevada have made over $75,000 a year even without btips and working part time.. they are used to just getting a George Washington ($1.00) ... I have seen vans saying a Mandatory $5.00 TIP((?)) is required in there glass jar.. thats when they get NOTHING ..NDA..ZILTCH..

If a person, couple and/or group wants to TIp yes let them.. or not as well...


In the Year of our LORD 2006 A.D. here in the Federal Republic of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA there have been a few Court Cases even in 2005 .. with the rulling the place that serve food are not owed any funds concerning tipping. If the person booking the function wants to tip they can or NOT. It is NOT REQUIRED.

Having poor services provided is not a reason to tip... how is any staff memeber going to know they did a great job??

Holland American Lines before Carnival Cruise line bought bthem had a NO TIPPING Required Policy but we tipped as so did so many others too.. and each person we tipped well did say thank you and thats what really feels great when you provide a reason for them to do it gain and again giving great service above and beyond there already paid for duties... ....
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