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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

Wow..this thread really brings out the passion of cruisers..for the record I have never smoked, am very sensitive to second hand smoke, both my parents smoked and have cruised in Europe several times on Greek own lines where the majority of passengers were from Europe and smoked (talk about being in a minority)

I think what amplifies this issue is that a cruise ship is in a very closed enviroment and one cannot escape the smoke where on land you can go outside and smoke and avoid the pollution (as if our skies aren't polluted with enough stuff).

As several posters have stated the Paradise smoke free experiment failed due to economics (incremental onboard revenue) so Kuki makes a valid point about cruise selection with your beliefs but again our original poster just indicated that she was tired of hearing non smokers complain, and there is nothing wrong in saying that because she knows it's no going to change.

Society's prevailing attitude in the USA today leans towards non smoking for health considerations. Most smokers comply with the non smoking regulations in our every day life. In Europe (from my experience) society leans towards smokers. When non smokers travel or cruise to Europe we yield to that.

Perhaps the Paradise can designate the summer season (since the greater number of families cruise then) as a smoke free cruise experiment, charge a surcharge (and tell people why (to make up for loss revenue) and that will go back to Kuki's point about "walking the walk". If smokers elect to cruise during the summer on the Paradise they understand the rules.Other cruise lines will follow if it is successful I'm curious, in households where one parent smokes and one doesn't, what happens ? I suspect they co-exist..why can't we do this on our cruise ships ?
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