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Here's the 4-1-1 on Project Genesis, got this information from the L.A. Times business section on Feb 7, 2006.

Cost: 1.24 Billion
Gross Registered Tons: 220,000
Passengers: 6,400
Delivery: Fall 2009
Length: 1,180 feet
Width at water level: 154 feet
Hieght: 240 feet

Currently the largest cruise ship is Queen Mary 2 at 151,400 tons. But in June, Freedom of the Seas at 160,000 tons will overtake it. Freedom of the Seas will carry 3,600 passengers double occupancy and 4,370 maximum.

WOW!!!!, imagine the lines after the cruise trying to clear customs.
Does anyone really want to be on a ship this large. I don't think you would feel like your sailing, so whats the point. And where would it go, I'm sure only a handful of ports would be able to accomadate it. I wonder if it will be equipped with an airport
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