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Unfortunately our tables TA told them NOT to worry about it. They however went shopping in port and looked stunning. I cant blame them if they didn't have the correct attire, they inquired and the IDIOT TA gave them the WRONG answer. I have heard this from a number of people. The TA's have this secret agenda to mis inform people...I think it started when they lost their commissions.

I'll agree that the travel agent may well have been totally at fault here, and there are two possible causes. The first is that the travel agent is relatively new to the business, has taken only one or two cruses on lines other than Celebrity, and consequently has not learned that all cruise lines are not the same. The second is that the travel agent was so eager to sell this particular cruise to people who did not seem thrilled with having to dress up for dinner, and thus told the people not to worry about it as part of an effort to close the sale. In any case, the people should have read the pre-cruise information and should have questioned the travel agent again about the disparity between the information that the agent had provided and the information in the pre-cruise package.

There is, however, one other possibility. This could reflect communication problems at Celebrity Cruises. If indeed Celebrity is working to restore the product to what it was, as your nephew in law indicated, Celebrity needs to communicate changes in policy -- such as enforcement of dress codes -- to travel agents so that travel agents know and can advise their customers directly.

That said, I doubt that travel agents are trying to sabotage cruise lines for cutting commissions. In fact, the commissions from cruise lines are among the most generous in the industry. The only change in commissions paid by cruise lines in the last several years was the elimination of hte commission on air fares booked through the cruise line. Many travel agents more than offset this by eliminating the complementary bottles of wine, photo albums, or other equivalent gifts that they previously had sent to their customers' cabins.

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