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Default Would you cruise with these people?

Paul B obviously hit a few nerves here, but I agree with Uconn. It takes all types to make this big old world go around and I only know of one being who is perfect. We love to sit and people watch whether we are on a cruise ship, the mall or at Mardi Gras. One thing I have learned while cruising is that just when you think you have seen it all, you find something or someone new to top off the list. I also found that anyone, no matter how big (like me) or how small will wear a swim suit on a cruise ship, even when they would never wear one at home. I don't let other people spoil my fun on a cruise. If I don't like the scenery, I just find another deck to relax on or go sit on my balcony for a while.

If Paul B has a problem with this, maybe he should book his next cruise in a lifeboat, or just buy his own private boat and let the rest of us continue to sail, happily along in our imperfect ways.
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