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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

I wouldn't call Paradise a 'failure,' not in the normal sense of the word. It didn't make as much as the other ships. I think that is easily traced to a few small problems. Still, you have a look around and there is a very loyal group of very upset Paradise REGULARS. Not too many ships have such a following.

Carnival's problem is advertising.
They came up with probably the best concept for cruising since good food. There was a bit of hype when it came out. What is important is what happened next.
They continued their normal ads for other ships. Paradise was any other ship. Smoke-free was the small print. Had the nonsmoking population known about it in great numbers, there would have been no problem.
Instead, unless you looked hard at the brochures, websites, reviews or heard from your TA or a friend, the thought of a non-smoking ship might not have crossed your mind, especially not with just one.
So, what happened is an ok number of normal pax. came aboard, but the die-hard nonsmokers did too, and the people who knew about it invariably included large numbers of nondrinkers and nongamblers.
I'm SURE the ship made lots of money the week after the change when they had the group of jehovah's witnesses coming on.
I was informed the other day that the ship wasn't exactly in the red, but was making far less than the otherships.
This is based on information gathered firsthand on the 12/7/03 cruise when the information came through of the end of the nonsmoking and the repositioning, and on this past sunday at brunch with our 3-time maitre'd, and some of the stuff I noticed as well.

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