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Default Record Snow in NYC 02 - 12 - 2006 AD and Tipping


[There are also many cases where the IRS investigate "service industry workers", where tips are the norm. This is because it is understood that those service workers will make a certain % of their income via gratuties.

In fact there have been cases in the past where gratuity income was assumed, even when it wasn't declared, quote]

Yes the IRS has and does.

Thats not what I was reffering to too.

In New York State Superior Court a few cases were won by the Plantifs that felt ((So called)) Tips added already upon the billing were not acceptable.

So having an event such as a diiner party, wedding or Weeding *S*, birthday, Christianing, Bar/Basmitzfa... does not allow the added so called gratuity... service charges... etc... added to the bill without consent/approval of the party Paying the Bill...

Paying for poor services alows them again and again to reap the fees/funds and have the shoody poor services repeated... if you were the owner would you not hear from the Staff concerning this and then make methods of the staff at least providing consistant quality services.. then getting Tips/Fees for that and peaople giving tips in addition ...

As even today in the Greater NYC area with record Snowfalls of over 23 Inches coming down would you tip the people plowing your lots that did not even come or did 1/4 of the lot agreed upon?

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