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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

my mom smoked up until my first child was born. my in-laws (both now deceased) smoked their entire adult lives. my hubby watched his grandpa die from emphysema, hooked up to an oxygen tank 24/7. my mom always told me to never start smoking. her line was "do as i say, not as i do". i have tried 2 cigs my entire life. i choked, thank God!

y'all, smoking is very addictive. my in-laws tried to quit with the help of a smoking center to no avail. my mom quit with the aid of nicorette gum. it is not an easy thing to do.

i despise cigarette smoke. it stinks and it makes everyone exposed to it stink. hubby used to play in a r & r band. eyes burning & itching, showers a necessity at 4am, not the most fun. now he plays at church, where no one smokes.

anyway, i think non-smokers are very sensitive to that smoke smell. i work at a veterinary clinic and i can tell when smokers walk into the front lobby (which happens to be pretty large). that smell stands out above all the urine & dirty dog smells i have encountered. i can't help but wonder when someone reeks of smoke and is bringing in their cat because it acts like it has asthma. i can smell smoke at the little league field coming from behind the bleachers (mind you smoking is not allowed at these fields, but people choose to ignore that fact).

to summarize, we non-smokers don't like smoke - probably part of the reason we never started smoking. BUT, please understand, fellow non-smokers, there are smokers out there that would like to quit, but this is not an easy task. yes, it's a nasty habit, just like farting in someone's face, but let's not hate each other over it. in the words of 3 dog night, try a little tenderness. smokers, i won't say anything ugly to you about your habit, but please don't be offended if i move away when you light up. please consider quitting for the sake of your health and your family's health.
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