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It's all about perspective I guess. I have a service business and I have customers who appreciate the quality work we do and the times that we go the extra mile to meet their deadlines or out of the ordinary specs. Some of them show their gratitude with referrals, others with goodies or both. Likewise, I try to show my appreciation to those who've gone out of their way to serve me. Whether it's wine, flowers or a gift certificate for a spa service, it's my way of saying thanks. My TA has gotten me really good rates on hotels when even frugal-internet-searching fiend that I am couldn't find them. She's used her influence to get me transfers when the cruise lines said they were sold out. She has always sent wine to the table on formal night and we have gotten phenomenal upgrades at times. Oh yeh, and there was that time RCCL dropped my luggage overboard and she was there for us. Yeh, maybe I'm a chump for gifting someone for just doing their job, but in today's world where too many people don't come close to even doing their job, it's nice to reward the people who exceed my expectations.
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