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The sea days are my favorite part of the cruise! I've come to change mind about sea days over time.... they are sooo relaxing.

I was involved in the cruise that had the turn incident but I will go through and copy and paste all the important ship info, this is from a previous "live" thread on another website, hopefully this info will be helpful:

Perhaps I will copy it into two parts if it runs too long.


Check in - we met up with a friend in Galveston so we headed to the ship at approx. 1:30, previously dropped our bags with a porter at 11:30 am, not many crowds. The luggage made it to our room at about 5:15 pm. Porters were working very hard to deliver furniture quickly.
While checking in there was not a very large line at all. For Platinum members, the Platinum line in our case was slower than the regular check in line. There were 3 agents to check us in causing a small delay, others not in the Platinum line made it onboard faster this time around.
Food - good as always. No complaints.
Cabin Steward - very friendly.
Something new - our cabin steward delived a bottle of champagne to us before we set sail. I don't know why we received the champagne, I still have to ask. Haven't had this on prior sailings. We are in an AB mini suite.
So that's it for now I think!
Will check in when we can, but as they say, no news is good news! I suspect there will be an inquiry into what happened, I forgot to mention passengers were lining up next to the purser's desk to try to depart but that didn't last too long once they realized we were not returning to the Galveston port but stopped in the ocean not far from Galveston instead.

----------Sunday, Feb 5 Day at Sea

Good morning folks!
Tonight is the first formal night with the captain's Gala Dinner party at 5:15, 5:30, 7:30pm and 8:00 pm.
There is a Mayan champagne breakfast offered for $25 that includes:
-Warm pastries
-Smoked Salmon with lingonberry cream cheese and toasted lemon brioche
-Fresh wild berries
Alaskan King Crab quiche
Lots of activities today that iclude:
-Belly dancing class
-Alaska frontier presentation
-Pool Games
- Super Bowl viewing on MUTS, Explorer's Lounge and the Schooner Bar
The ship sailed very smoothly last night and there is only mild movement at this time.
This afternoon I look forward to walking a few miles around the boat and finishing a book I've been reading
The forecast is 75 degrees and partly cloudy skies.

--------------------Feb 6 Costa Maya

Hello cruisers, had a great day in Costa Maya. We started disembarking at around 12:30 pm and my spouse and I enjoyed a trip to the Chicobbean (sp) Ruins. Since we are from Las Vegas it was great to see lush vegitation and many different types of tall trees. The ruins are in excellent condition, if anyone is thinking about this tour go for it! We stopped at a tourist trap store on the way out and picked up a few items. One can try to negotiate the price a little bit here.
Prices at the pier were significantly higher that the shop en route to the ruins. A Mayan Pyramind was priced for $15 at the Princess stop, at the pier I was quoted $38 for the same item. I did buy a few items at the pier and talked the owner/employee down a bit but I still paid a high price
I noticed on Previous threads cruisers were asking what shore excusions were availible in Playa, here are some examples. You may notice some of these trips have been listed originally for Cozumel.
- Tulum - Lost Civilization of the Mayans
- Tulum & Xel - Ha Lagoon
- Tulum & Sian Kaan Jungle
- X-Caret Archeological Park
- Caverns exploration w/ lunch
- Golf at PDC Country Club
- Dolphin Encounter at Puerto Aventuras
- Royal Dolphin Swim in " "
- Coba Mayan Ruins
- PDC beach horseback riding
- Beach Snorkel
- Discover Scuba
- Snuba Diving
Dinner tonight was the Caribbean Menu, I had a lentel burger with fried egg and cheese, it was excellent!
We sat in the same table tonight as the "incident" we told the waiters we felt safe because the ship wasn't moving yet
Rumor mill - I repeat, this is a rumor. I heard a couple telling another couple there was a line out the door for the medical center after the incident. My spouse and I were nowhere near the area so I have no way of verifying if this was true or not. Spirits are much higher after exploring this port, lots of laughter
So tomorrow we have the Baboon Sanctuary scheduled and we are to meet in the Explorer's lounge at 7:45 am. I believe we will be among the first off the boat. Also with the schedule changes it appears that most of the excurions will be early morning departures, we were looking for a second afternoon excursion but non are availible at this time.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention, Go Steelers! We watched the game in our cabin. I'm originally from PA There is also a second TNT channel now availible, TNTLA. This station has different programming from the other TNT station, a LA channel with spanish speaking commercials but the programming is in English.

---------Tuesday, Feb 7th Belize

Weather was raining in Belize today for most of the day. We did the Baboon (howler monkey) excursion. We met in the Princess theatre at approx. 7:25 am and were called to the tender about 15 minutes later, arriving at shore apporx. one hour later. We saw 2 adult howler monkeys and a baby. We stopped at a tourist shopping center on the way back. Tonight is the Chef's dinner.
Tomorrow is Playa Del Carmen. We reserved a room at a hotel through a Mexico travel agent, paying about $25 less than the room's rate.

BTW, as others have posted in previous threads I too have noticed if you venture outside of the pier you will find much cheaper pricing.
And for the ladies, along some of Princess' excursions loo stops there are female attendants, you may want to bring a dollar or two with you if you are doing Princess excursions, we had bathroom attendants at the Chichobbean(sp) Ruins. None today at the Howler monkeys.

Hello cruisers, I have a few minutes before dinner and hubby is relaxing in the room so I have a few minutes to recap today's travel log.
I forgot to mention yesterday that if you go on an excursion that travels to the outlying city areas don't forget mosquito repellent! Hubby has a few bites on his face where we forgot to apply the bug spray.

to be continued.....
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