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Our kids (3 & 7) really enjoyed Camp Carnival on the Victory over Thanksgiving. It took awhile to convince our oldest to go but she is really excited this year (YEAH). We had gone on Majesty of the Seas when they were (2 & 6) but did not try the program. We are pretty protective and the youngest was to young for the club, pools, anything that looked like fun. It was a bummer. Carnival is a better fit for us and the counselors were great. Their mascot funship Freddy was easily accessible and always willing to spend some time with the kids. They do have a program for 15-17 year olds called Club O2 that looks like fun for that age group.

The one down side we saw was that the kids that were like 8 and up (with parent permission)could check themselves out of the program. I think the parents drop them off and then they check themselves out to wander the ship, push all the buttons on the elevator, etc.

Sorry got lost in a rant, it wasn't as bad as it could have been and we were having such a blast we didn't care.
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