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I'm a huge fan of Celebrity's 93,000 ton class ships...I think they are the perfect size. I'm excited about trying the new class because they won't be all that much bigger...not like the crazy 150,000 and 200,000 ton things coming out from other lines...and it's always fun to experience something new. I just can't imagine a ship with 5000 people, though. Celebrity usually does things right...I have high hopes for the new ships.
-- Scott

All Aboard:
* Celebrity Infinity, San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale, October 3, 2008
* Celebrity Solstice, Ft. Lauderdale to Caribbean, March 1, 2009

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* Celebrity Galaxy, September 2007
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* Celebrity Century, November 2006
* Celebrity Galaxy, February 2006
* Celebrity Infinity, December 2005
* Celebrity Summit, November 2004
* Celebrity Infinity, November 2003
* Celebrity Zenith, May 2000
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