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Hey Beetlegator

I was told that there were slightly over 200 guests + 8 activity directors, including the owner/president of Club Getaway to keep things at their best. I was also told that the male/female ratio was 1.2 to 1 (I'm not sure which direction). My personal observation was that appeared right. There appeared to be a large number of guests from the Northeast US.

As for everyone having fun, as you know that's impossible. You could make instant friends with just about everyone, as the turnout for all the activities & social cocktails was high (we overran the bars, although there were 2000 other passengers onboard), & everyone was very friendly towards each other. But if your agenda was to meet your significant other soulmate, then there were of-course some disappointments among some of the people I met.

Overall, I felt that the comradeship & courtesy of all the Getaway guests towards each other was much friendlier than any singles bar that I ever went to & most cruisemates with a realistic agenda were thrilled.

I'll get you the pics later.
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