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Oh well... We just booked our 2nd cruise on the Sapphire. Our 1st cruise was with HAL Staatendam to Alaska and we loved it. Probably the best vacation we ever had. Excellent food, service ports and people. We had no complaints. It was really tough to break away from what worked but we reaally want to try Princess and others so we will know for ourselves. I have been looking through Sapphires deck cam and see your on your way to Puerto Vallarta out in the open seas. How does she ride? I have heard that for some reason the Sapphires class of boats really rock n roll. But that could just be for the sensitive folks-which we are not. We had smooth sailing on our AK cruise except for maybe 8 hours out in the Gulf Of Alaska. Hows the service and food so far? It seems to me that whichever line you go with there is a certain "luck of the draw" at play. Don't know how one accounts for that when choosing a line - but thats just part of the deal I guess. Although I have never read a bad review on Celebrity or Crystal. We booked our Mex cruise for $900.00 buck each so I can't complain. Hows the temperature right now? At what point do you notice it getting warmer after leaving Longbeach? Is it warm by the next morning so you can start tanning and swimming?-Thanks
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