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Originally Posted by beachtnik
Hey Beetlegator

I was told that there were slightly over 200 guests . . .

I thought there would be 300 guest but 200 is still a huge crowd.

As for everyone having fun, as you know that's impossible. . . But if your agenda was to meet your significant other soulmate, then there were of-course some disappointments among some of the people I met.

Hmmm, I was wonder who was disappointed the men or the women. I guess the photos that Club Getaway post were misleading?

Overall, I felt that the comradeship & courtesy of all the Getaway guests towards each other was much friendlier than any singles bar that I ever went to & most cruisemates with a realistic agenda were thrilled.

I am still glad that everyone had a great time.

I'll get you the pics later.

Can't wait to see them though I will look at CGA website to see their photos.
The reason I am interested in the cruises like Club Getaway and other sites catering to singles is that it can be misleading to anyone who are first-time cruises looking to find a relationship. I have talked with many people who did and I am happy to hear about it. But I am also not surprise to hear alot of disappointments.

Beachtnik, would you go again next year?
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