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Default my friend kelly

I will tell you a story

When our kids were little .. we would wait till they were in bed and kel and i would sit on the phone and talk to 4 am..(we were both single moms)

One nite as i was rattleing on about my life I heard snoring. I tried to awake her, but she was out like a lite.

(we were on the phone all the time through out the day)

Several weeks later, I recieved a phone call at 1 am.. (you know the first thought when awoken by the phone at that hr.)

It was kelly, she kept saying...annie are you awake, wake up, I need you to wake up. WAKE UPPPPPPPP!!!!!

My 1st question was "Are you ok? than are the kids ok....(i can feel my heart pounding in anticapation to what she could possibly want at 1 am.)

" I need you to tell me a bed time story......."WhAT , I said.."I can't sleep and your voice puts me to sleep, So you need to tell me a story"

I have told you my whole lifes story a hundred times" I replyed.

"than make one up, but just talk to me untill I am asleep, Jut don't make me answer you..

SO I made up a "lost in the jungle when i was 2".. story...and sure enough with in 20 mins she was out...

and that was the beginning of many bed time stories....

i will tell you about the dead man in her truck an other time..
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