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Default Re: I love the new cards for our family of four....

Originally Posted by lhp
my 14 year old gets a kick walking around with his Platinum cruise. (March will be his 13th cruise.)

True, Carnival was little slow off the trigger on the perks, but they are trying to do better.

VIP Check In (my personal favorite)
Free Laundry Service
Personalized Stationary
Carnival Logo bag
Priority Tendering (you don't have to go down and get the tickets - just
show them the ole "Platinum")
Canapes on formal nights delivered to your cabin
Priority Debarkation
And some other stuff I can't remember.

All in all, not bad considering some folks are getting in under 3 day cruises and not 7 day or longer.

The trials on this ended February 12th, so if you are Platinum and your docs were printed prior to this date, you may not have VIP Check In on the upper right corner of your docs....just tell them you are Platinum when you arrive. It is to be implemented fleetwide after the feb 12th date....although we received some of the perks as early as our July cruise on the Spirit to Alaska.
So, is this just Platinum or also VIP? We're VIP due to room choice but would LOVE free laudry service (which would end this non-stop search for a travel steamer).
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