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We did Navigator then Mariner a year apart. I think the most noticeable difference was decor, followed by service which was better on Navigator. Both ships were about a year old when we were on them too. For a change, we went smaller this year doing the Panama Canal on Brilliance. It was a nice ship, but after being on the Voyager class ships we were spoiled with all the extra space and amenities. We missed the street type promenade, the ice shows, better selection of food at Windjammer, 24 hr ice cream stations (when Windjammer was closed, you couldnt get ice cream), roomier arcade with more games, bigger kids club, more hot tubs, etc. The bonus of a smaller ship is that you dont have to walk as much, but we actually like roaming around the ship, discovering all the things to see. There werent as many elevators on Brilliance which was a problem during rush hour, though the glass elevators facing the ocean were wonderful. We never felt crammed on the Voyager class with all those people on board. We may try Freedom next, but we arent too sure about the ships coming out after that. They look too big and dealing with 5400+ people, luggage etc doesnt sound like fun. It was bad enough getting on Brilliance this time-worse than the Voyager class boarding. We thought the new system was to make it go faster and it actually slowed things down.

AHC-Hawaiian Islands
PCL-Caribbean, Alaska, Panama Canal
12/02 RCI-Enchantment-Western Caribbean
12/03 RCI-Navigator-Western Caribbean
12/04 RCI-Mariner-Eastern Caribbean
12/05 RCI-Brilliance-Panama Canal
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