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Default Door Lock for Hotel Door?


Anyone ever purchased and used a door lock for their hotel room? I'm thinking of buying one for our upcoming cruise out of San Juan in three weeks. I was just reading a review of the hotel we're staying at for a pre-night and in January, people were robbed while out of their room and also while they were sleeping. It makes me want to change hotels, but at this late date I don't think we'll be able to. It was the Sheraton Old San Juan.

I just wondered if anyone had bought a door lock for their hotel room and if it really works. I guess I know why I'm getting gray hair and my husband doesn't have any. I do all the worrying and planning of things and he just goes along for the ride.

I'm really looking forward to the Adventure of the Seas next month, but the hotel hasn't had the best reviews and now I read this.

Any thoughts or comments?

Thanks.....Anita aka Buddy
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