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Hi gatorphin,

We had never "pre-tipped" our steward until our last cruise. We asked him to remove the hangers from the closet (we had our own) and to be sure we had ice when he made up the cabin and in the late afternoon, and to reconfigure the beds.

When we came back to the cabin he had thrown the hangers on a shelf. We had to rearrange them so they didn't rattle, and we could have used the shelf for other things.

He was the worst steward we ever had! He was clearly aggravated that we weren't out of the cabin before 10 A.M. some days, and he actually argued with me one day about whether the Do Not Disturb sign was out! (It wasn't, I was right, but even if I HAD been wrong he shouldn't have argued with me!)

BTW, I know that we should have complained, but we didn't.

So, I'd say that it doesn't make any difference! On our past cruises we've left an extra tip (above the "automatic" tip) for our stewards on the last day. All of them have been much better than the "pre-tipped" one, even the one we only saw once ! Needless to say, this steward didn't get anything extra!
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