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Default Smooth Jazz Fan

Venice, I'm a BIG fan that just realized that I can combine my passions for Smooth Jazz and cruising for a week of pure pleasure. We did our first Jazz Cruise this year and will continue to take them every year. Our cruise was hosted by Warren Hill onboard the Zuiderdam. The ship and crew were fantastic and the shows (2-3 a night) were amazing. Being on a sold out ship of 1800 Smooth Jazz fans was also an amazing experience, to know from day 1 that everyone on board had at least the love of the music in common made it fun and real easy to some close friends in a week. From Culbertson to Euge to Kashawa they were fantastic and it was a blast hanging out on the Lido, in the bars and ports with some of my favorite artist. After the first concert we signed up for 2007. There are about 3-4 cruises that I'm aware of but for now we're sticking with Warren's. Mehawk - Culbertson is hosting one out of Galveston in 2007 that should be good.

As you can see a month later and I'm still hyped about the experience. Anytime you want to talk Jazz or Jazz Cruises let me know.

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