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Default Is Princess Horror!

Heads Up! My partner and I were on 1/06 cruise from LA and experienced a horrendous disembarcation! Our cabin was on same floor of the gangway to exit ship and we were first colors to be called to exit BUT the narrow hallway outside our cabin QUICKLY filled with passengers who should NOT have been there with their luggage! The hallway was one continous people jam and we stood there for 50 minuets without moving two steps! There were people in wheelchairs, LOTS of seniors and even several room stewards held at an absolute stand still. We could hear various colors being called to exit BUT simply could not move. Our hallway was a disaster waiting to happen and passengers levels of anxiety and panic were raising rapidly. It was a horrific claustrophobic experience I will never forget and came close to fainting for lack of adquate ventilation throughout the hallway. Finally, a desperate woman who was also suppossed to exit first for an early flight began screaming for people to move to the left to allow her to pass....suddenly ALL those passengers who were NOT called BUT in line crowding the hallway, moved over and we made our desperate escape. If you find yourself in similar situation be sure to ask people in line if their color has been called and if not, to move over to the left of the hallway to allow those who have been called room to exit. This was THE most terrifying experience I have ever had exiting a cruise ship and will NEVER again take this particular cruise again.....staff at the exit doors had ABSOLUTE NO CLUE of the hundredes of passengers stuck in that narrow hallway for nearly one hour. Is Princess travelers to Hawaii You have been warned!
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