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Default Passenger Blame

Your absolutely right Kuki, it was the fellow passengers who disregarded the announcements of the crew and who put us all in harms way. I was sooo angry and upset at all those idoits who had absolutely no reason to be lined up before being called. People will do stupid things like crowding into a narrow hallway with other just to try and by pass "authorities". HOWEVER, given this fact of human nature....the cruise staff should know that some guests will do the very opposite in instruction and orders no matter the stupid and dangerous consequences which might occur to others and assign crew members specificly to patrol the exit lines, especially in narrow corridors leading out, for passengers who do not belong there....NO Crew person ever asked for color identification while we were in line and they should. So, I agree that the problem is a result of inconsiderate individuals but the crew should also be more helpful in seperating those who havent been called from those who have, especially around the narrow corridors leading to the exits.
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