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Default 1st time Cruisers info help Please

Hi, we are first time cruisers going out on a short four night cruise to The West Carb. out of Tampa on the Inspiration Nov. 18. I booked online after speaking to travel agents and AAA. Got a great price for a 6d Empress room and saved alot of money. Only problem is I have no travel agent to ask info or to address our concerns to. Can someone who has been on a short four night cruise educate us first timers.
these are our concerns :
1. Whats best to take for that on board credit? Cash or Credit Card

2. Formal Nite: Big concern of my honey not me. Does he really need a tux or will a suit do it and is there even a formal night on board and when do they do it if it does have such a night? Does he need four nights of long pants for dinner? We tend to run around in dress shorts for dinner here and nice shirts.

3. Do you dress up or down first night of the cruise? Stupid ? right?

4. Do cell phones work on board and hes a wanderer meaning all over activity person while me I tend to just people watch and sit still reading-are walkie talkies allowed?

5. At bars on the ship you can't pay cash like regular bars?

6. Cozumel is it worth seeing only port going. Is it safe to walk around or do you have to keep an eye over your shoulder watching out all the time?

7. Are you valuables safe to leave in your room such as ID cash etc> How many people could possible get into the cabin? We leave such things in motels and no one takes them as there is only one maid who enters if that.

Any advice or do and don't on this first time cruise from someone who has experience or has been there done it will much appreciated! Thanks Ro Fenton Tarpon Springs Florida
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