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Default Re: 1st time Cruisers info help Please

1. Whats best to take for that on board credit? Cash or Credit Card

Credit card just so long as you have it mostly paid off or lots left before your limit....

2. Formal Nite: Big concern of my honey not me. Does he really need a tux or will a suit do it and is there even a formal night on board and when do they do it if it does have such a night? Does he need four nights of long pants for dinner? We tend to run around in dress shorts for dinner here and nice shirts.

Suits are good for formal nights, I wear one myself on each formal night.
According to Carnival, Formal Wear: tuxedo (optional); suit and tie; sport coat, tie and slacks; evening gown; cocktail dress; pantsuit Casual Resort Wear: sport shirts and slacks; dresses; skirts; pantsuit ***NOTE: Shorts, t-shirts and bathing attire are not permitted in the Dining Room during dinner***

3. Do you dress up or down first night of the cruise? Stupid ? right?

Down, because your luggage might not have arrived, and it is an inconvenience to get all dresssy so quickly.

4. Do cell phones work on board and hes a wanderer meaning all over activity person while me I tend to just people watch and sit still reading-are walkie talkies allowed?

Cellphones will NOT and I repeat NOT work due to the fact that there don't tend to be very many cellphone towers in mid-ocean. Walkie talkies are acceptable and often are available for rental on the ship as well.

5. At bars on the ship you can't pay cash like regular bars?

No, the ships are created to be cashless systems. You would only use cash to pay off your S&S bill or in the casino if you want to use cash for it.

7. Are you valuables safe to leave in your room such as ID cash etc> How many people could possible get into the cabin? We leave such things in motels and no one takes them as there is only one maid who enters if that.

Your valuables are safe just so long as you keep them inside the cabin safe. Depending on the ship yours might be a code lock or have a swipe card system, which you can lock using any card with a magnetic strip. Many do not believe you should use your current sail and sign for it, but sometimes a credit card, (once you've cruised) an old S&S card, a grocery card or something like that. Some people will hide those in the room so that the family can always open it. Only the exact card that locks it (even if you are in the same room on the same S&S account) will unlock it in that case.

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