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It's been years, but I had a blast on a freighter. The ship carried 115 passengers, the food was GREAT, had a pool, and a bar. No 24*7 party and NO PUSHING of additional sales, e.g., bar, photos, shore excursions. Was more of a traditional ocean liner experience. Got to interact with the crew more than on a regular cruise. Very personalized service. The cabin was cleaned once per day. Unless you are looking for on board shopping, rock wall and extensive spa services [all things you can do at home] you will enjoy being on a freighter. Our freighter had a small shop and 'beauty parlor'. Food offering is less frequent than regular cruise, but does have formal dining room withe reserved table, and buffet [B,L,D] if you choose a more casual meal. Dining room will have the same suggested dress code as regular cruise, e.g., 2 formal nights, 3 informal/island/theme and 2 casual nights on a seven day itinerary. You will visit interesting ports and may stay in port for two days. This gives a good chance to see more sites. Security was as good if not better than the large cruise ships. I am currently shopping for my next freighter cruise.
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