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We are going on the Summit Hawaii cruise April9 th. Went to my travel agent this morning asking about my boarding documents. She called Celebrity and they said we were E ticketed. My travel agent asked what that was all about and they said she could print the tickets. I asked what about luggage tags. She said she'd call them back. Well, I called Celebrity myself when I got home and found out that nothing would be sent to me. they said the travel agent could print something up that I could tape to my luggage.That is the most stupid thing I had ever heard. With all the wear and tear the luggage will take, and without any color coding, I couldn't believe the cheapness of the cruise line. I called my travel agent back and she had already told them no, and they should sent the tags. Hopefully they will. I did go on line and already have my express pass.Has anyone experienced this? We have cruise over 30 times, this is only our second Celebrity cruise. The first one, we received a little book instead of a travel wallet.
Still am very excited about our Celebrity.

I was one of the "guinea pigs" who got the first batch of electronic cruise tickets last year, and they worked pretty well but it takes a time or two to become familiar with the process. Don't confuse electronic cruise tickets with electronic airline tickets, as they are very different creatures. This is really electronic DELIVERY of your cruise documents, as you still must have printed tickets in hand when you arrive at the pier.

The process is actually quite simple, if not as intuitive as one might like. Celebrity sends a URL that you have to paste into a web browser to download your boarding documents. BE SURE TO DO THIS ON A COMPUTER CONNECTED TO A PRINTER because you get only one download, after which the documents disappear from the download site. Once you download the documents, you just click the "Print" button on your browser to print them. It's really that easy, and your travel agent should be able to do this for you if you don't have access to a computer with a printer. I recommend printing a second copy of the page(s) with the actual cruise, transfer, etc., tickets and cutting them out before you leave home, though, as this will simpligy the boarding process ("select" the affected pages, then select "Print" from the browser's "File" menu, choose the "Selection" option in the middle of the dialog, and click "Okay").

The only complication that I had with the electronic documents was when I went to check in for the transfer from Seward to Anchorage. The agent would not accept the printed copy of the transfer ticket, but she verified that my name was on her master list so it was no problem and let me board so it was not a real problem.

I did not ne3ed luggage tags because I took all of my luggage (two "roller back" suitcases plus a briefcase and a small backpack) aboard the ship with me as carry-on. The instructions that came with the electronic ticket package said that Celebrity would issue baggage tags at the baggage check-in on the pier for electronically ticketed passengers, but I had no need so I don't really know how this works. IIRC, there was a bar code on one of the pages in the electronic ticket package that they scan at the baggage check-in to get the information for your baggage tags so it should be pretty quick.

As always, it's best to submit your immigration, emergency contact, and other personal information through Celebrity's web site so you can download and print the pass for expedited embarkation in the same way. This pass speeds the check-in process considerably.

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