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Default Re: Wine-by-the-Glass

Its about 5-6 dollars. I recommend buying a bottle at dinner. If you don't drink it all, it will be waiting for you the next night at the table when you arrive. I bought a bottle of Kendall Jackson merlot for $36 dollars, and it lasted me 2 nights. You can also legally bring 2 bottles of wine in your carry-on bag. You can then bring a bottle to dinner and the wait staff will open for you. It is supposed to cost $10 to open, but it never appeared on my bill. I also brought a box of merlot in my check-in luggage...I put in in 2 2 gallon ziplocks. At dinner, the selection is better than at the bars, so the prices vary based on the quality. There were some glasses around $9 at dinner. Hope this helps.
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