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Default Is "adult" comedy really necessary ?

First let me say I'm by no mean attempting to step on anybody's toes(except some comedians)...we are all different which makes for an interesting place. BUT...
I just returned yesterday from the wonderful classy Carnival Legend.
Classy dining staff, classy cruise director, and classy shows except for this so called " adult" humor which was nothing but rubbish. This one guy( for example) appeared to be a Andrew Dice Clay clone who insulted the guest, made totally inappropriate sexual remarks concerning women, and used terms incompatable with polite society. Why would Carnival hire these lowlifes?
I find it ironic that "adult" and "mature" are the euphemisms for what is in effect adolescent humor or behavior.

One might respond by saying in effect "hey buddy if you don't like it don't go see it" ., Your right I won't make the mistake of seeing a midnight comedy show again.
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