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Yikes! That last comment was kinda harsh. To tell the truth, I like the adult comedy shows too. And I know full well there will be swearing and probably many sexually suggestive remarks. For some reason, I love it because for some other reason, when done well, I LAUGH

I also love Ellen and Bill Cosby and other magnificent comedians that do not use adult language because they make me laugh

And I am very happy they offer this as an alternative because I am serious all year long and when I go on spring break, I like to have FUN! When I get back home and have to concentrate on defending that darn dissertation again.......I'll miss those adult shows and being able to walk down the corridor and up/down the elevator to see them!! If ships only hired entertainers that, as you describe, are up to par with the class-level of the rest of the ship, then I'd be quite bored I think. I like the variety.

I'm glad you attended the show and learned that they are not your cup of tea. It is both important to know what we like AND what we dislike

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