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I sailed on Monarch in Dec 02 and the casino was also very quite. In fact my brother and I were playing BJ and were doing well so we tipped the dealer who then rang her bell to indicate a tip had been received. Since it was so quite, my brother then started hitting the bell and announcing "TIP YOUR DEALER". Everyobody looked at us like we were nuts but the casino was so dead someone had to liven it up a bit.

Have to say Monarch was one of my favorite cruises overall.

Sovereign - 3/99
Paradise - 4/00
Majesty - 11/00
Monarch - 12/02 (XMAS)
Radiance - 8/03 (AK) & 11/03
Adventure - 4/04, 3/05, 8/06
Navigator - 11/05
Century - 12/06
Serenade - 3/07

Adventure of the Seas

Serenade of the Seas
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