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Default Re: Is "adult" comedy really necessary ?

Originally Posted by Thoth
First let me say I'm by no mean attempting to step on anybody's toes(except some comedians)...we are all different which makes for an interesting place. BUT...
People online don't seem to read that part. If you DO like "adult" humor then respectfully state its merits, not react like I'm attacking you personally. I'm not..I'm simply stating that I don't think obscene shows have a place on Carnival Cruiseline. To those who are in effect are saying "shut up"...interestingly enough that's NOT what the company told me. Neither the Purser's deck or the entertainment host told me "simply don't go".
Here's a real inference: I never said who the offensive comedian was or even what he/she said that was obscene. Becouse i don't care to be expelled from Cruisemates for lewd post, I cannot and wiil not share, therefore it appear that I have everyone at a disadvantage.
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