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For many years Amazing Grace did the 13 day itinerary , up and down the legnth of the Windjammer "territory" supplying the other ships and providing an interesting experience for the passenger. Having booked the Honeymoon suite on Flying Cloud I can appreciate the benefits of the Burkes Berth on Amazing Grace. It seems that one by one the ships of Windjammer are falling to a state of disrepair that they cannot afford to recover from. Windjammer as a company has booked prepaid cruises in advance as way to raise cash now, and has tried the "time share" method of selling cabins to raise cash as well. Regardless they seem to be slowly dieing. Unable to compete in the current world despite the small but loyal following. Too bad. We enjoyed our Windjammer experience. When Chuck Palm a frequent poster here , sailed Amazing Grace last year he commented on her poor state of repair and I feared she would be the next to fall. Looks like she has.Sorry your vacation plans were ruined.
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