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Here is my original post: I will also repost it in the Cruisemates Cruise area as a sticky.

For anyone who wants to take a shot at creating a logo for The Cruise of the Century, I have created a gallery in the Cruisemates Personal Photo Gallery where logos can be displayed.

You can post your logo in the gallery: The email is:
password: Century

If you don't know how or are unable to upload your logo into the gallery, just send it to me at the above email and I will put it in the gallery.

Guidelines for the logos are:

Four colors maximum:
Keep it clean:
Try to include the "Cruise of the Century" name. This isn't required.
Don't get too elaborate: Remember it "may" be reduced down.
One entry per person.
Put your name with the logo

Otherwise it's up to you.

The logo would be used, if feasible, for the name tags and the door signs.

On April 17 all entries need to be submitted. I will then set up a vote for the one that the people who are sailing prefer. The one with the most votes on April 24 will be the one chosen.

So, go forth and create!!!

Don't worry I will not be creating. I have no artistic talent.

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