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This is our first time with a balcony and I have heard that having the door open is rather nice. I suppose it must be one of the functions of having a balcony, having it open for some sea air and sounds Otherwise it'd just be a big oceanview window

Folks that have mentioned doing this have also given me the idea to bring along a length of bungee cord to keep the door from closing on its own. I plan on doing that as well.

In regard to keeing the AC running with a magnet, have you ever walked into one of those shops in the Carrib. whose door opens 100 times an hour and to keep it even comfortable, the AC must stay running? Well, that is what I want to try. I want to have my door open so I can see if I love one of the benefits of having a balcony AND keep the room in a modicum of coolness.

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