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Default Morning posts- Look before you post

I know I'm going to get someone mad at me for writing this. Please don't be, just indulge the old man a bit. Several times a week we end up with more than one good morning post. I did it myself the other day, posting simultaneiously with someone else. When I realized it, I deleted my post.
Often someone comes on hours after a morning post is started and starts another. For the convenience of everyone. many with limited time to say hello, please glance down the list to see if a post has been started before starting another. My fragile mind can't remember what to say two times each morning.
It may also help if the "starter" clearly indicates the day and the "good morning". Today for example maybe not everyone realized happy humpday is another way of saying good morning on a Wednesday.
Not a lecture, just a suggestion.
Have a great day everyone.
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