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The routes have been the same for 2004.2005.2006 and it seems they will remain the same for 2007.

Celebrity has not announed routes for 2007 yet, but I did hear somewhere that the line is looking into deploy one ship to the Far East and Australia/New Zealand for the winter season. I don't know whether that will happen in the 2007/2008 winter season or whether it will be further out. Celebrity also introduced several new routes in Northern Europe and in the Mediterranean this year, coincident with an extension of the season there, though the new routes offer only one or two sailing dates.

How can they hope to go on attracting repeat cruisers when all they offer is the same old same 'o

Honestly -- have you taken a cruise on every itinerary that Celebrity offers?

And are there no ports of call anywhere in the world that you would like to visit again?

>> Most European ports of call are so rich in history, art, architecture, and culture that I hope to visit them several times.

>> I also find that tropical ports, that offer great beaches and watersports are very repeatable.

I'm not persuaded that repeating an itinerary is a problem for most cruise passengers.

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