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When the "Paradise" was a non smoking ship, what was its intinary?
Did it move around the different cruising zones?
They did try and move it around to different itineraries.

You can be sure if the Paradise has done even reasonably well all the other cruise lines would have had non smoking ships.

The main problem was onboard revenue was much lower than on other ships. Seems those who don't smoke are also less likely to gamble and drink.

It also didn't attract alot of the large group business because of the restrictions.

I do have to say though that many ships now do have more totally smoke free lounges, which makes WAY more sense than smoking and non sections.

So... other than in the casinos, if you check smoking restrictions you shouldnt have too much trouble with smoke.

On our Westerdam cruise last year they even had one night where they made the casino smoke free until 10 PM.... but alas it wasn't busy.
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