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I just have a few comments on this "Terrorism" matter. I am Retired Air Force and worked in a Special Operations unit, my thing is this: Any major Terrorism act is planned well in advance. The World Trade Center was not just done on a whim, there was intense planning on the parts of the criminals responsible, and as you can see, they are being brought to justice for thier acts. As for the wearing of the Uniform "Off Base" I too was stationed overseas for a number of years and yes there are times when the wear of the uniform is inappropriate, however, if someone wants to wear the uniform on a Cruise ship, by all means, WEAR it. A terrorist cell is not going to take down a cruise ship just becuase they see someone wearing a military uniform, there is usually a political agenda as to why a terrorist act is committed. When the TWA airplane was hijacked ( if anyone can remember ) and they murdererd the person who was in the Navy, they didn't murder him because he was in uniform, he was in Civilian clothing, the terrorists never knew he was in the Navy until "He" showed the terrorists his Military I.D. I'm just tired of people saying "Don't do that because it might draw terrorists", just use a little common sense and be aware of your surroundings. I am honored to wear the uniform, I too am going on a cruise with my wife, however she wants me to be in a Tuxedo versus my Mess Dress. Guess she has seen enough of me in that.

Just a thought,

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