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We will be cruising on the Elation from Galveston in April. We have two boys ages 3 & 6. What is the appropriate dinner attire for kids on non-formal nights? Can they wear dress shorts (not denim) and a button down shirt or do they have to wear slacks? I would appreciate any information! Thanks!

Children should conform to the prescribed standard of dress, regardless of age. Most tuxedo rental shops do rent tuxedos in their sizes (very popular for ring bearers and junior ushers in weddings) and would put together a "cruise package" for your boys to wear the formal nights. They would look dandy in matching outfits! On the casual evenings, they should wear slacks (not bluejeans) and shirts with collars, just like adults. They most assuredly are not too young to learn that certain attire is not appropriate in certain places.

If your children are not accustomed to dining out, you might want to consider taking your children to restaurants a few times before your cruise so they understand how restaurants work. Start with something simple, like Denny's, Perkins, or Big Boy and progress through casual dining (Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, etc.) to a fancier establishment near your home. That way, you'll go on the cruise with confidence that your boys know how to behave and what to expect in the ship's dining room.

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