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Default Money Makes The World Go Around!

Listen to this..........I went to the Bank of America today, to cash a large check. The woman behind the counter, gave me a few 50's, and the rest in ALL 20's! She then plopped it down, to give it to me, without counting it.

I asked her, if she had larger bills, she said no. A supervisor then walked by, and answered that they had NO large bills, and if I wanted to come back, perhaps after the "delivery", I could get some. With an inch stack of bills in front of me,she didn't even offer an envelope to put the money in!

I was stunned, by the way this transaction took place, and told them I wanted to count the money. The "greeter" started to take me to this room, that looked like a daycare room. Before I could even sit down, this woman, who had a ski parka on, and looked like a kid, said to this woman, bring her over here so, I can witness it being counted. I counted it in front of her,& told her I was not a happy camper, that this $$ was not counted before it was given to me. Before she could get a word out of her mouth,the "greeter" said, oh, I can answer that....we have a counting machine, that we trust it does the job! Sorry kiddo, this was not a hundred bucks!!!

Before I smacked someone, I had to get out of there.

This bank, was something else before it became a bank, I forget what, and it's the most unappealing place to do business I have seen in a long time.

I then went to my bank, to continue on with my business, and I told them what had just transpired. She was amazed that they did not even count the money, and surprised by their demeanor. I continued on, to transact my business, with a lovely woman, in a nice office, and given the courtesy, that every customer should be given.

I am calling this mega bank tomorrow, and giving somone a piece of my mind..Have you ever had money given to you in a bank, and not had it counted in front of you? Is it just me?

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