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Hey I am form Puerto Rico

Last week of Aug till first week of Oct. is the high season for hurricanes around here (Actual season begins in July 1 and ends Nov 30) . But for the last 2 or 3 years they haven't been a problem since apperently they decided to attack someone else apart from the east caribbean (known during the 90's has the Hurricane Highway), apparently the Highway shiffted to the Gulf/Western Caribbean, so I would recomend the eastern caribbean, altough never salied it. (went to the western 2 years ago)

The only problem with my recomendations its that actully hurricanes have become more unpredictable during the years so if you are goign to plan a vacation for that time of the year to the caribbean, well cross your fingers starting know.

The good news is, (and most people don't know this) the most beautifull time to go to a beach here in Puerto Rico, is from June trough mid Septmber.

Another quick fact is that in August Hurricanes are more probable in the Gulf because the waters have warmed up already. For the Eastern Caribbean/Atlantic it takes till September to warm up. So if you plan to cruise the eastern caribbean and want to minimize the probabilites of encountering a Hurricane in your Vacation try to plan your vacation for early august, the earliest the better

Any question about hurricanes and PR email me at
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