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so, do we need any vaccinations to go from fla to alasks via canada??

No. In fact, the major cruise lines generally do not offer itineraries that would require vaccinations.

and what about customs,,, do i need to fill out some paper on my camera????help please...

Only if you have a very expensive camera, or any other expensive item, of foreign manufacture. In that case, take the item(s) to a U. S. Customs Service facility, such as the U. S. Customs Service office at any international airport, and explain that you plan to travel overseas. The agent will issue a document certifying that the item(s) is/are not subject to duty because they were previously imported into the United States.

If you don't have either the form issued by a customs agent or some other proof that you either acquired the item in the United States or imported it previously, the worst consequence would be assessment of duty if a customs agent does not believe your explanation that you brought it with you on the trip. Further, the import duty is limited to ten percent of the first thousand dollars per person in your family of value in excess of the duty-free limit (IIRC, now $800 per person in your family). IOW, if you and your spouse enter the country together and you have goods worth $2,000, the duty would be only $40 -- ten percent of the value in excess of your combined duty-free limit of $1600.

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